Electronic Chemicals

Electronic Chemicals

Supplying security in high-purity

CMC Materials specializes in the purification, formulation, and packaging of high-purity chemicals used within the semiconductor and microelectronic manufacturing processes.  

Our technology leadership and close customer collaboration ensure excellent product quality and consistent production of advanced electronic chemicals used to enable the high-performing devices of today and the next generation of technology.


We supply high-purity process chemicals to the following major markets:

Semiconductor manufacturing

Silicon wafers


Photovoltaic (solar cell panel) manufacturing

Flat panel display manufacturing

Hard disk drives (HDD)


Our high-purity electronic chemical portfolio includes, acids and bases, solvents and solvent blends, and unique bespoke mixtures. These products are supplied in a variety of concentrations and shipping options, from bottles to drums to totes and ISO tankers.

Product Range

We offer a broad line of semiconductor-grade wet chemicals with products ranging from single digit parts-per-trillion (ppt) to parts-per-billion (ppb) cation levels depending on your needs.

Acids Bases Solvents


Ammonium Hydroxide



Ammonium Fluoride



Potassium Hydroxide

Ethyl Lactate

Hydrogen Peroxide

Sodium Hydroxide

Ethylene Glycol




Nitric Acid Fuming








N-Butyl Acetate






Our Electronic Materials provide a broad range of products and services required to achieve specific application criteria within semiconductor and microelectronics manufacturing.

We recognize that processes may vary and may require a unique approach. At CMC Materials, we manufacture to your custom specifications or can provide our own products recommended for your specific application.

Product Range Applications
  • Buffered Oxide Etchants available in Ratio’s from 5:1 upwards to 500:1
  • Unique surfactants for BOE range
  • Mixed Acid Etchants for many unique processes, including Spin Tool Silicon Etching, a wide range of metal etchants too – Aluminium, Copper, Chromium, Gold, Nickel, Platinum, Tantalum, Titanium. Our product range also includes mixtures for metal alloys and ITO materials  
  • Post Etch Removal
  • Products to remove both positive and negative resists including post etch polymers
  • Low etch rates for a variety of materials. Effective organic residue removers
  • Stable formulated product
  • Proprietary products: Nano-Strip™ and GenSolve™
  • Solvent Blends

    Solvents for:

  • Cleaning in semiconductor and related high-purity processes
  • Various etch-polishing processes
  • Ultra-low-residue vapor drying
  • Adhesion promoters for photoresists
  • Positive and negative photoresist stripping agents
  • Flat panel display manufacturing
  • Photoresist edge-bead-remover agents
  • High-purity intermediates for photoresist, spin-on-glass, low-k dielectric materials and anti-reflective coatings
  • Carriers for photoresist, abrasives, solvents and lubricants
  • Coolants, wetting agents and thickeners