What is Chemical Mechanical Planarization (CMP)?

In the chemical mechanical planarization (CMP) polishing process, CMP slurries and CMP pads are used to remove excess material that is deposited during the integrated circuit (IC) manufacturing process, and to level and smooth the surfaces of the layers of IC devices, via a combination of chemical reactions and mechanical abrasion, leaving minimal residue and defects on the surface, with only the material necessary for circuit integrity remaining. CMP enables IC device manufacturers to produce smaller, faster and more complex IC devices with a greater density of transistors and other electronic components.

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CMP Slurries iCMP slurries are liquid solutions generally composed of high-purity deionized water and a proprietary mix of chemical additives and engineered abrasives that chemically and mechanically interact at an atomic level with the surface material on the wafer.

As the global leader in CMP slurries, we are the only supplier serving a broad range of customers by offering and supporting a full line of CMP slurry solutions for all major applications. Using unique chemistries, we are able to achieve improved planarity while significantly reducing defectivity. We continue to partner with our customers to meet their evolving CMP needs, while reducing cost of ownership.

Our CMP slurries are specifically designed for polishing a wide range of materials that conduct electrical signals, such as tungsten, dielectric, copper, tantalum (commonly referred to as "barrier"), silicon carbide, and aluminum.

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CMP Pads iCMP pads are engineered polymeric materials designed to distribute and transport the slurry to the surface of the wafer and distribute it evenly across the wafer. Grooves are formed into the surface of the pad to facilitate distribution of the slurry.

Our polishing pad product portfolio includes pads utilizing both thermoset and thermoplastic polyurethane pad material. We produce and sell pads that can be used on a variety of polishing tools, over a range of applications, including tungsten, copper, and dielectrics, over a range of technology nodes, and on both 300mm and 200mm wafers.

Our powerful pad technology enables us to meet our customers' needs for lower defectivity, greater pad consistency, and longer pad life. Our full array of polishing pads offerings enables us to better serve our global customers, including our performance-differentiated slurry and pad consumable sets.

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Electronic Chemicals iWe specialize in the purification, formulation, blending and packaging of value-added chemicals used throughout the semiconductor manufacturing process. Using advanced chemical purification technologies — including distillation, ion exchange, gas adsorption and filtration – we provide consistently low contaminant levels in a variety of high-purity process chemicals (HPPC).

As device complexity increases and additional manufacturing steps are required, the demand for our materials is rising. Increased purity and contamination controls are now essential to avoiding customer defects. CMC Materials is proud to be a leading supplier of high purity process chemicals for many of the world’s leading technology companies.

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