CMP Slurries

CMP Slurries

In the 1980s, CMC Materials was established as a pioneer in chemical mechanical planarization (CMP) slurries with the introduction of the Semi-Sperse™ line of slurry products for 250nm CMP applications. These revolutionary products established our reputation as a technology leader in the semiconductor industry. Today, we are the only supplier serving a broad range of customers by offering and supporting a full line of CMP slurry solutions for all major applications.

In addition to our longstanding Semi-Sperse™ offerings, CMC Materials remains focused on technology leadership by introducing new slurry solutions which meet our customers’ evolving CMP needs while reducing cost of ownership.

Tungsten CMP Polishing Slurries

CMC Materials’ tungsten slurries have been a standard in the semiconductor industry for decades. Our products are manufactured and consumed across the world to meet the performance requirements for all technology nodes and applications.


The combination of high purity fumed silica, unique rate accelerating agents, and industry leading product quality standards have made our Semi-SperseTM line of tungsten CMP slurries the most used and trusted name in tungsten CMP. These products offer selective tungsten removal with world-class product quality, performance and consistency.

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Featured Product: Semi-Sperse™ W2000V

Semi-Sperse™ W2000V is the industry benchmark for tungsten CMP. This production-proven, selective tungsten slurry is based on high purity fumed silica and utilizes hydrogen peroxide as a removal rate enhancing additive. As the industry standard for tungsten slurry performance, Semi-Sperse™ W2000V delivers outstanding process reliability, consistency and supply assurance.

Features & Benefits

Improvement in Product Yield: Specially formulated high-purity slurry to achieve lower defectivity and excellent cleanability resulting in better product yield.

Lower Cost-of-Ownership: Formulated as a 2x concentrated slurry to reduce shipping and handling cost and to achieve lower point-of-use cost.

Ease of Use: Colloidally stable formulation that is easy to mix, filter and handle.


Our WIN™ family of tungsten CMP slurries was developed to meet the requirements of advanced node applications and offers excellent removal rate, defectivity, and topography for a wide variety of applications. This product family offers a wide variety of solutions, including Advanced Selective Tungsten slurries, Non-Selective Tungsten slurries and Tungsten Buff slurries.

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Featured Product: WIN W8900 Family for High Selectivity W Bulk

The WIN™ W8900 family is a new product line for selective tungsten bulk applications that is the result of several years of advanced research and development. W8900 slurries incorporate ultra-pure engineered silica technology, along with our advanced chemistries to provide unprecedented rate, topography and defect performance. These features, combined with CMC Materials’ world-class quality and consistency standards, make W8900 the WINning choice for advanced selective tungsten applications.

Features & Benefits

Excellent Planarization Efficiency: Highly selective tungsten bulk platform that stops on oxide and nitride films and provides best in class planarization efficiency with flat topo and minimum within-die-non-uniformity (WIDNU).

High Throughput & Low Cost of Ownership: Utilizes hydrogen peroxide as a removal rate accelerator and specially designed engineered silica to provide unprecedented throughput. Our W8900 family of slurries are also formulated as 6x – 8x concentrates further lowering overall cost of ownership for our customers.

Colloidal Stability & Ease of Handling: Offers superior product stability compared to traditional CMP slurries. The nanoparticle dispersion in WINTM W8900 resists agglomeration over time, providing low defectivity and highly stable performance throughout product shelf-life.

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Dielectric/Advanced Dielectric CMP Polishing Slurries

CMC Materials introduced the first high purity fumed silica slurries for CMP of inter-layer dielectric (ILD) materials in the early 1980’s. Today, we continue to manufacture and deliver these products with the unsurpassed quality and consistency that our customers expect.

Additionally, CMC Materials has developed a portfolio of innovative new products for polishing dielectric layers in the advanced integrations that are used in the most leading-edge technology applications. With new discoveries such as patented selectivity agents, engineered abrasive particles, and tunable removal rates and selectivity, our next-generation products offer significant benefits to end users, including improved planarity, reduced defectivity, and lower cost-of-ownership.


iDiel™ is our highest performance line of Dielectric Slurries for a wide variety of polishing applications. This product family offers a wide variety of solutions, including Bulk Oxide slurries, Self-Stop slurries, and Selective Dielectric slurries.

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Featured Product: iDIEL™ D9228 A New Standard in Bulk Oxide Slurries

Our new iDIEL™ D9228 slurry is the next generation colloidal silica-based slurry for bulk oxide applications that utilizes proprietary, ultra-pure colloidal silica particles with precisely engineered surface chemistry.

Features & Benefits

Proprietary, ultra-pure colloidal silica particles with precisely engineered surface chemistry

Superior performance: Excellent process control capability, and improved rate and topography that enable high throughput, tight process control and tunability, Equivalent to better planarization efficiency as compared to fumed silica products.

Significant improvement in defectivity over traditional oxide slurry offerings: Defectivity levels that are an order of magnitude lower than traditional fumed silica slurries.

Significantly Lower Cost of Ownership: highly dilutable with point of use (POU) solids ≤ 2% compared to other fumed and colloidal silica slurry offerings.

Stable and Easy to Use: No agglomeration and extendable to other traditional oxide niche applications including Poly buff, STI buff, and W buff.

Featured Product: iDIEL™ D7400C A New Standard in Ceria Slurries

Our new iDIEL™ D7400C slurry is a next generation ceria-based slurry for bulk oxide applications that utilizes proprietary ceria particles with ultra-high oxide removal rate and low defectivity.

Features & Benefits

Proprietary, engineered ceria particles with precisely tuned surface chemistry and particle size distribution. Compatible with proprietary B-pack chemistry for selective and self-stop applications.

Superior performance: Improved removal rate performance versus traditional calcined ceria and fumed silica with excellent process control capability and tunable planarization efficiency. Enables high throughput, tight process control and tunability.

Significant improvement in defectivity over traditional calcined ceria and fumed silica slurries for bulk oxide and buff applications: lower defectivity levels relative to fumed silica and calcined ceria.

Significantly Lower Cost of Ownership: highly dilutable with point of use (POU) solids ≤ 0.5% compared to other ceria slurry offerings.

Stable and Easy to Use: No agglomeration and extendable to other traditional oxide niche applications including Poly buff, STI buff, and W buff.

Copper CMP Polishing Slurries


As a leading supplier of Copper CMP slurries, CMC Materials is focused on developing products with yield enhancement and lower cost of ownership. Our Copper CMP polishing slurries assume a critical role, influencing both performance and total system cost. Our next-generation EPOCH™ line of Copper slurries provides maximum flexibility to meet specific customer integration requirements.

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Barrier CMP Polishing Slurries

As the focus of Barrier CMP shifts away from early process development to yield enhancement and cost of ownership reduction, polishing slurries assume a critical role, influencing both performance and total system cost.

i-Cue™ | Sentinel™

Our new line of Sentinel™ slurries for Barrier applications are designed to meet our customer’s extensive technical requirements.

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Aluminum CMP Polishing Slurries

Our Novus™ product family contains uniquely engineered abrasive particles and chemistry to remove aluminum and the complex stack of work-function metals within the transistor gates of advanced semiconductor HKMG (High-K Metal Gate) devices.


Our Novus™ product line was designed to stop polishing on oxide material, minimizing Aluminum recess. Novus™ slurries are formulated to optimize removal rate, limit recess and meet the most demanding defect requirements.

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Silicon Wafer Polishing Slurries


Prime polished silicon wafers are the key substrate in a wide range of advanced integrated circuit (IC) applications. Prime polished wafers are a highly refined, ultra-pure crystalline silicon with ultra-flat and ultra-clean surfaces that are customized to meet customer specifications.


Silicon Carbide Wafer Polishing Slurries

CMC Materials has developed a suite of silicon carbide wafer slurries that enable enhanced wafer throughput combined with excellent surface quality. Our two-component CMP slurries deliver removal rates that enable rapid healing of sub-surface damage and potential elimination of costly and surface damaging lapping steps.


Silicon Carbide (SiC) is a wide band gap semiconductor that can operate at higher temperature, power level, and voltage. This enables improved energy efficiency in power devices, LED lighting, and telecommunications. Because of its unique properties, SiC is the material of choice for diverse applications such as Hybrid Electric vehicles, power electronic switches, and LED lighting technology.

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Rigid Disk and Magnetic Head CMP Slurries

Lustra™, Transele™, SemiSperse™

CMC Materials’ Rigid Disk slurries are specially formulated to planarize Ni-P and glass substrates to an ultra-low roughness and defects. Our solutions have enabled the rapid industry-wide transition from high-density PMR disk drives to advanced MAMR/ HAMR disk drives that are currently used by leading-edge disk drive customers in high-volume manufacturing.

Our Magnetic Head slurries are capable of polishing multiple materials in a single step, with tunable selectivity to meet stringent surface topography and planarization requirements. Our products offer multi-material polishing, tunable selectivity and low defects.

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Emerging CMP Applications

To meet the ever-increasing demands for higher computing performance, semiconductor device manufacturers have traditionally scaled down IC devices using existing materials. Many of these IC device designs and materials are approaching their physical limitations for further advancements.

To enable next-generation computing performance, there is a need to innovate new device structures, to build new integration schemes and to introduce new materials. CMC Materials is committed to technology and innovation leadership and is actively partnering with leading-edge IC device manufacturers to develop solutions which enable tomorrow’s technology. Our dedicated team of emerging CMP applications professionals support leading-edge customers with the journey from proof of concept through high-volume manufacturing.

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