CMP Pads

CMP Pads

Delivering best-in-class performance

Our CMP pad solutions are manufactured using the state-of-the-art polyurethane chemistry and engineering advances to provide the exact hardness, pore sizes, compressibility, and groove patterns to meet and exceed the requirements of various CMP applications while providing the lowest cost of ownership.


Using thermoset polyurethane technologies, our NexPlanar® pads enable the manufacture of smaller, faster, and more complex devices by our customers.


Serving as a foundation of NexPlanar® technology, Element pads are widely used in a variety of CMP applications today. Providing choices of hardness and porosity, the Element Series has proven success in the semiconductor industry for stable performance and low defectivity.


Ultra pad series showcases advances in NexPlanar® polyurethane technology beyond what customers already experience with Element pads, targeting superior performance for customers’ needs in advanced nodes. Designed to offer our customers high throughput and low defectivity for a variety of targeted technology applications.

Ultra pads provides a wide range of tunable hardness, porosity and compressibility while preserving the low defect advantage of Element pads, breakthroughs in eliminating the trade-offs between high removal rate, planarization and low defectivity, and the ability to provide improved texture during use to drive higher removal rate and performance stability.


The MEDEA pad series utilizes the performance benefits of the Element product line with additional grooving technology and customization, and can be used for both 200 and 300mm applications.


Our Epic™ line of thermoplastic polishing pads offer the optimal balance of best-in-class performance, quality and cost of ownership.

NEW! Epic Power

Epic Power thermoplastic polishing pads for SiC wafer polishing maintain low temperatures during polish for consistent removal rate throughout pad life. Sizes are available for single wafer and batch wafer polishing platforms and it is the only giant hard pad out there for batch wafer polishing.